your limits.

Freeletics Vision

The vision of Freeletics is to make people happy and fullfiled by supporting them in becoming the best version of theirselves. No matter if physically or mentally. Therefore, Freeletics offers a wide range of possibilities to get there: an outstanding and efficient workout program, that is doable anytime and anywhere. The best sports community out there, that accompanies, supports and motivates everyone. You get access to knowledge about nutrtion, motivation and many more. All to make you the best version of yourself.

Freeletics Gear & Apparel Mission

Using Freeletics makes you a FreeAthlete. A true FreeAthlete is willing to go the limits and beyond, always striving for improvement and to become the best version of oneself – no matter the age, the gender or the circumstances. The mission of Freeletics new sports wear lable FreeActive Wear is to enable you to become a true FreeAthlete: to look, feel and outperform like a FreeAtlete. Anytime & anywhere.

Freeletics Gear & Apparel Promise

Brand ID

  • Captured with unique design elements
  • Emphasized with Freeletics specific performance features
  • Statement of passion, commitment and performance


  • DryTex: fabric transferring moisture away from the skin
  • AirFlow: special fabric that foster air circulation
  • Bionic Cotton: lightweight wearable anywhere, anytime.
  • PRFRMNCE Cotton: dries faster than normal cotton
  • Athletic Cut: highlights the shape of athletes


  • Fabrics and materials engineered for Freeletics workouts
  • Highly resistant, lightweight fabrics
  • Unique workout-enhancing features
  • Established high-end production partners